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2016 SUMMER                     Weekly Class Schedule


          New students should call teachers to confirm classes on schedule

Monday      Tuesday    Wednesday   Thursday     Friday          Saturday       Sunday 



Ballet                                             Music Together                                  Music Together    

Hyrst                                            10 to 11am                                           Finear               

10:30am-11:30                            Back in Sept                                         Back in Sept.

on summer break                                                                                  


Yoga                                              Yoga                                                      Rhinehart

Back in Sept                                 Back in Sept                                         9 - 10 am

9-10am                                         9-10am

Studio 2                                        Studio 2

Hannah                                      Hannah


                               Belly Dance                                                                                 

Modern                  Asya                                                Modern Dance               

Dance                      6-7:30pm                                        Schrodt/MIT   

 Inter,/Adv.                                                                      Inter./Adv.                                           

Schrodt/MIT                            Modern                       5:30 to 7pm

 5:30 to 7 pm                                 Dance                          Begins 9/15                                    

 Begins 9/19                                  Schrodt                        

                                                        Begin 9/21

                                                        noon to 1:30pm                                                                           




                                                                                                                            5 to 8pm         

                                                                                                                            (Back in Sept.)



 Contact Oak St. Dance Studio for studio information, private lessons and for renting rehearsal and special workshop space, Studio turns into a nice small theater and iis available for concerts.   Please no sales calls and solicitations.  This is a service to our students and community.      New classes are being added as they become available.  

Email: rozinthismoment@msn.com

Contact Teachers:


Rosalind Schrodt, Studio Director  Modern Dance, rozinthismoment@msn.com 

  • Asya, Lucianna Estes, Belly Dance  531 7119, bgoddessforever@hotmail.com    
  • Sylvia Bolton, Ballet, 541 846 9553   
  • Halau Hula Na Pua O Hawai'i Nei, Leilani Kahananui, 541 951 7960   
  • Sherrill Rinehart,   Feldenkrais   261 8568  
  • Laurie Finear,  Rogue Valley Music Together,  541 951 8028
  • Diane Hyrst     541 973 9285
  • Grant Ruiz,  Flamenco Club    Grantruiz@opendoor.com
  • Hannah Hartsell,  Yoga,  541 326 6046

Class fees range between $10 - $20, with monthly rates available.  Please check with each teacher.  Watch for more classes being added. 

*Studio 2 is our studio/office in front of Studio 1.




Oak St. Dance Studio

Email: rozinthismoment@msn.com

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