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Moment in Time Dance Co. 2016 in Concert

If you missed our show last April, you may now see it on Utube.  Enjoy!


Moment in Time Dance Company

Artistic Director  Roz Schrodt


Sounds of the Tree of Life

With special musical guest:  Singer/Songwriter Cyd Smith

In Concert    Friday April 8, at 8 pm

                       Saturday April 9, at 8 pm

                       Sunday  April 10, at 2 pm

At Oak St. Dance Studio/Theater

1287 Oak St.  in Ashland

Tickets available at Paddington Station in Ashland or online:  mitdance.brownpapertickets.com

Tickets will be $15 purchased ahead and $20 at the door


                                                                                                      Photocredit:  George Rubaloff

                                                                Pictured L to R:   Erin Butler, Joyce Galvin, Amy Baker, Shawn Nasralla, Sitara Solowiej, and Roz Schrodt


'Take a mystical journey with the  Moment in Time Dance Company  as we explore the 

Energy centers of the Chakras with Music  and Dance'

Moment in Time Dance Company home based in Ashland, Oregon will present their next Dance concert,
“Sounds of the Tree of Life” April 8 th and 9 th at 8 pm and Sunday the 10 th at 2 pm. At Oak St. Dance Studio/Theater.

Rosalind Schrodt, the Artistic Director has for many years wanted to do a dance concert that includes sound healing and dance healing as a part of the total program. It is experiential for the musicians and the performers as they work on this expression of healing through their own art form. They experience peace and balancing through the sounds of their music and vitality of their dance as they think about the 7 major  Chakras energy centers that they study one by one.   The experience will be complete by having it brought to the stage and bringing the same peace and balance to the audience.

“Dance and Music intrinsically are able to help one feel better and more centered. We hope to bring this in with strong intention. “

The music for Sound of the Tree of Life were composed by Consuelo Luz of Santa Fe for the sound healing sessions she performs all over the world. There of seven parts of this composition. Each section is one of the Energy Chakras in the body. Each one has a specific energy clearing modem. Each is in a specific Key, specific color, and specific part of the body. Rosalind and Consuelo have worked together in past doing shows in Santa Fe and Taos, New Mexico. “We had a lovely reunion 2 summers ago and Consuelo shared her work on this topic hoping I would be interested in adding the dance to go with it.   Now I can't wait to share this. We have a lovely cast of six dancers in preparation and are immersed in the power of sound and dance healing.”     We hoped to bring Consuelo here to perform with us but just learned she is down with the flu and unable to travel at this time.    We were lucky that Cyd Smith is available to join us and we are thrilled to bring her original songs and music to add to our show.

For more information about Cyd, visit her website at www.Cydsmith.com  

Sounds of the Tree of Life is he
perfect way to introduce the power of Sound, Music, Voice and Dance Art, merged together to heal ourselves individually and collectively.  

It is a prayer for peace. 

"Donations towards this project will greatly be appreciated

    For more information you may email Roz at rozinthismoment@msn.com



WORKSHOP in Sound and Dance through the Chakras :      APRIL 2, 10 AM TO 12:30 PM
Sorry this workshop has been canceled. 


Sorry The Healing Sessions have also been canceled.

"Your presence and ability to heal is wondrous, it's amazing, generous, full, rich, lovely, giving. I am blessed to have experienced your kindness and magical healing powers.” - Diane Engelman, PhD, Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology, Marin and Sonoma Counties, CA

Vocal Alchemist Consuelo Luz uses her voice to channel the unexpressed sounds of your body/spirit. Matching the frequency of these essences, whether they be liquid, membrane, bone, emotional or etheric, allows expression, movement and freeing of what is preventing a free flow of energy.

Whether they be limiting identities, emotional blockages or ancestral memories, when crystallized patterns are vocalized and loosened and even disintegrated this gives room and energy for awakening to the power of our more evolved bio-mystic sounds and destiny.

“I am remembering root soul sounds that have been forgotten, musical languages of ancient and future light. I am opening tone channels, both primitive that come from our indigenous origins deep inside the Earth, and angelic that come from the stars. Voicing these liberated frequencies can allow new visions to emerge and

new life paths to be forged.” – Consuelo Luz

80-minute session $160

For booking and more info on Consuelo Luz, Vocal Alchemy and to listen to Consuelo’s transformative voice and music: www.vocalchemy.com Workshop and Vocal Alchemy sessions will be at Oak St. Dance Studio, 1287 Oak St. Ashland,Or.

Write Consuelo to ask questions and schedule your session with her:  luz@rt66.com

Consuelo Luz is a Cuban/Chilean award-winning singer/songwriter of Sephardic and original music who has performed internationally and whose music has been featured in world compilations such as Buddha Bar and Putumayo. After studying with sound healing pioneers Jonathan Goldman, Jan Cercone and Vickie Dodd, the voice became re-affirmed for her as the most powerful, authentic and efficient transmitter of the frequencies the body needs to express in order to heal and transform. Consuelo coined the term vocal alchemy or vocalchemy to describe her work.



Khentrul Lodrö ThayeRinpoche


Transforming Happiness and Suffering
with Khentrul Lodrö Thayé Rinpoche

Join us...
MARCH 26 & 27,  2016
at Oak Street Dance Studio
1287 Oak Street
Ashland Oregon
10 a.m.-12 p.m. and 2-5 p.m.

Khentrul Rinpoche will reveal how we can enjoy much greater well-being in our lives by sharing some remarkable and little known tools for transforming adversity. The vast majority of us have never considered this method for transforming our experience. It is an unparalleled approach which directly pertains to the modern challenges we face.

This teaching is based upon a pith instruction written by the 3rd Dodrubchen Rinpoche, Jigme Tenpe Nyima (1865-1926), one of the most outstanding Tibetan saints of his time, and teacher to many great masters. These gems of advice are priceless and inexhaustible treasures that will serve as a means for overcoming adversity and for creating more happiness in our lives and in the world. We invite everyone to attend.
Suggested Donation:
$25 per session, $45/day,
$80 for the weekend
No one turned away for lack of funds
Contact: Cheri Ball at
Khentrul Lodrö T’hayé Rinpoche was born in Eastern Tibet where he received the full traditional training under many great masters. He is the abbot of Katog Mardo Tashi Choling Monastery in Tibet and both a khenpo (equivalent to PHD in Buddhist philosophy and a fully ordained monk), and a tulku (recognized reincarnate master). He has been teaching in the United States for thirteen years and has established Katog Choling, which includes a retreat center in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, as well as many branch centers, including Katog Padma Ling here in Ashland.
For his specific bio and teachers, please refer to the website: www.katogcholing.com












Flamenco Workshop with Elena Villa: “Baile por zambra”
These workshops are scheduled when Elena comes to town to perform. 

Oak Street Dance Studio, 1287 Oak St, Ashland, OR
$25; pre-register by e-mailing Grant Ruiz at: grantruiz@opendoor.com
The zambra is a four-count flamenco rhythm related to the tangos flamencos and born in the ancient city of Granada, Spain–the last stronghold of the Moors. "Zambra" also refers to a fiesta in the caves of the Sacromonte, overlooking Granada, or a flamenco group that performs there. The earthy, fiery and mysterious sound of the zambra represents the meeting point between Gypsy flamenco and the music and culture of the Moors. It evokes a mood of celebration but can also be dramatic and melancholy. The dance is always improvised and is sometimes danced without flamenco shoes. In this workshop, we will explore the rhythm and basic steps, as well as the feeling and attitude of the zambra. We’ll learn marcajes (marking steps) both in place and traveling, técnica de cuerpo (upper body technique), and basic footwork (taconeo) that accentuates the rhythm. This class is open to all levels but some experience with flamenco dance movements will be helpful. Please wear shoes with a minimum one-inch, hard heel and comfortable clothing that shows the outline of the body and does not hide the feet.



Viejo Con Nuevo!     MIT Concert from 2015

Moment in Time Dance Co. is doing our annual big show. The show is a lovely fusion of professional modern dance,

Moment in Time Dance Co. and authentic Flamenco dance and music with Grant Ruiz and Elena Villa. We will perform

at our home base studio, Oak St. Dance Studio, which turns into a lovely theater.




















Ashland, OR

Saturday and Sunday, September 22 and 23

10am-12pm and 2pm-5pm

The Oak Street Dance Studio

1287 Oak Street





Oak St. Dance Studio

Email: rozinthismoment@msn.com

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